Webinar: equitable energy transition

Join AEF’s Kate Nicolazzo in a webinar hosted by the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership on Tuesday 18 December from 11.30-12.30pm.

The title is “Local government: helping to deliver an equitable energy transition.”

Australia’s 100% renewable energy transition is inevitable. We need to use the opportunity the transition presents to ensure that society’s most vulnerable are not left behind.

AEF has more than 18 years experience of delivering on-the-ground programs addressing climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy. We are currently working with state and local governments in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia on a range of programs to ensure that all members of the community feel empowered to make informed choices about energy.

From large scale energy efficiency retrofits to local solar bulk buys, join this webinar to hear about AEF’s programs, the lessons we have learnt and of course, our plans for the future.

Let’s make sure that no-one is left in the dark as we transition to a bright new zero carbon future.

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