Victorian Solar Homes program

In November the Andrews Labor Government was re-elected. Prior to the election the party had made a number of election commitments relating to getting more solar power, battery storage and solar hot water (including hot water heat pumps) in to Victorian homes. So the re-election and planned implementation of Labor’s Solar Homes program is good news!


Even before the election the Labor government had already launched part one of the Solar Homes program, whereby up to 24,000 homes were eligible to access a rebate for 50% of their solar install cost (up to $2,225). Approximately 14,000 households had already expressed an interest, before heading to the polling booths! This clearly demonstrates that the public are on board with an energy transition and demand is high.

The future

The Solar Homes program will support additional rebates for solar power and solar hot water, rebates for solar batteries and support for renters to install solar power.

You can download a factsheet about the various options available.

We also featured an article about this on the Positive Charge website.

Solar for everyone

The focus of these rebates directly aligns with AEF’s vision for an equitable zero carbon society. Hundreds of thousands of households will be better placed to afford the upfront cost of solar. We also are very keen to see how the solar for renters program develops. Having worked on our Solar for Renters program in 2018 we learnt a lot and hope that we can assist renters, property owners and property managers to navigate the state government program, to make installing solar on rental properties easier than ever.

Clean Energy Council approval

We were pleased to note that one of the conditions on the solar rebate is for the suppliers and installers to be Clean Energy Council accredited – a pre-requisite we already have in place with all the suppliers we work with through the Positive Charge service offering. This means that our Positive Charge team can continue to offer households advice and brokerage, knowing that they will be eligible to claim the rebates and access the financing options that will be available.

Making progress

In the face of inaction at a federal level it is great to see state governments taking the initiative to speed up the energy transition away from fossil fuels.