EnergySmart Research Program

Australian Energy Foundation is proud to be working with the Department of Health & Human Services on the EnergySmart Public Housing Research Program.

The program will replace inefficient electric water heaters, electric heaters and deliver tailored thermal upgrades to 1,500 public housing properties from July 2017. There is a significant focus on delivering these upgrades to regional Victoria.

Australian Energy Foundation welcomes the in excess of $7 million in funding, including $4.3 million in newly committed funds through the recent state budget, which will help Victorian households most in need to reduce their energy costs.  We are also excited to be the partner to be delivering fantastic outcomes for tenants.

The EnergySmart program runs from now until mid-2019. Australian Energy Foundation on behalf of DHHS will be contacting tenants and engaging with them to undertake research to better understand how these new installations help with improving their thermal comfort and reducing energy costs. Australian Energy Foundation will also deliver the upgrades to homes with the support of a strong network of suppliers and contractors.

For media enquiries on the program please contact Rachel Maddocks on 9385 8532.

1 thought on “EnergySmart Research Program”

  1. Hello to the project team, congratulations on such a worthy project to assist our most vulnerable members of the society at the same time as reducing our reliance on energy supplies, and then benefitting the natural environment too.
    I wish you much success and I hope you get Australia wide attention.
    This form of building upgrades has been done in NZ and the UK before, but few in Australia realised the opportunities before.
    Also the building code NCC is far behind other countries too. Though it is worth noting that the ABCB has a whole lot of new recommendations for the NCC 2019.
    I ask that you please activate some of your staff to investigate making Public Comments on the abcb recommendations before 13 April 2018, to ensure new building requirements are mandated and therefore create more EE houses.
    All the media commentary only seems to be about the situation now, as in ABC “Four Corners” this week. What about all future generations for hundreds of years to come? We need to work NOW to improve the building standards.

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