AEF’s Positive Charge program had a busy and productive year in 2017-18, expanding its operations interstate and helping households and businesses to go solar and install energy efficiency measures. Amongst the highlights for the year:

  • 3.8 megawatts of solar was installed through Positive Charge across the 28 subscribing councils in Victoria and New South Wales.
  • Over 30 businesses across Vic and NSW went through the Solar for Business program, 12 of which installed 720kW of solar
  • Positive Charge is now delivering services to 10 councils in New South Wales as part of the Our Energy Future initiative by the Southern Sydney Region of Councils (SSROC). We have 2 staff members in NSW delivering the community energy service, providing information, advice and supplier pathways for local residents.
  • We’re investigating other energy efficiency products, such as hot water heat pumps and reverse cycle air conditioning to include as part of our offering, with a pilot on the way.

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