AEF is a partner in Ovida’s Community Energy Hub project, which received a $980,000 grant from the Labor Government’s Microgrid Demonstration Initiative earlier this month.

The $2 million project will install shared solar PV and battery systems in three buildings in Melbourne to help cut energy costs for tenants. The initiative will benefit approximately 650 customers, generate 5000 kWh of solar energy and support 11,000 kWh of energy storage.

A microgrid is a small network of electricity users with a local supply of power that can function independently of the electricity grid, delivering energy security, sustainability and cost savings for those in the network.

AEF is working with Ovida, Allume Energy, Jemena and RMIT University to deliver the project, which will deliver affordable, dispatchable and reliable energy for occupants of apartment and commercial buildings. AEF will be leading the community engagement aspect of the project, understanding the needs of the customers and ensuring that it delivers maximum benefit to them.

The model utilizes the same technology as the Solar for Apartments pilot AEF is already working on with Allume, which helps to distribute solar electricity between occupants of multi-unit dwellings.

The pilot will commence in spring 2018 with identification of the first site and aims to install the first solar and battery microgrid early in 2019.

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