At its meeting on 12 September, Moreland City Council adopted the Zero Carbon Evolution (ZCE) Refresh to 2020 and the 2040 Framework, as well as declaring a climate emergency. The Refresh is a comprehensive update of Council’s ZCE 2020 Strategy and the 2040 Framework extends the vision for a further 20 years. These strategies were developed by AEF for the Council and will ensure that Moreland is at the leading edge of local action on climate change.


AEF developed the Zero Carbon Evolution Refresh and 2040 Framework with input from over 100 stakeholders via cross-Council staff meetings, the Sustainable Moreland Advisory Group, a ‘Pathways to Zero Carbon’ workshop and a ‘Brains Trust’ of industry, state, local government experts and community members.

The ZCE Refresh sets out clear targets for both AEF and Council to deliver to June 2020, through programs including Solar for Business, residential solar bulk buys and expanded energy efficiency offers.

The path to zero carbon

The 2040 Framework provides high-level direction and medium-term action priorities that combine to provide immediate benefits, foundations for future action, and innovation and experimentation.

The 2040 Framework requires development of five-yearly Zero Carbon Action Plans to define medium-term ZCE targets, programs and resourcing requirements on the path to zero emissions. AEF is working with Moreland City Council, and the Brains Trust, to develop the action plan for 2020-2025 and identify the projects AEF can lead to deliver Council’s ambitious goals.

A model for others

As well as enabling Moreland to get on track to zero carbon by 2040, through this work AEF has developed a model that can be replicated to support councils across Australia develop their own zero carbon strategies.

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