Every year the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) surveys energy consumers to see if small customers are having their needs met.

This years’ survey found that higher prices combined with complex and confusing energy offers have driven consumer confidence to new lows. Only one in four consumers now say energy retailers are working in their long-term interests, down 10 per cent from last year. Satisfaction with value for money in energy is lower than banking, water, broadband and mobile sectors. Trust in the energy sector has dropped from 50 per cent in 2017 to 39 per cent in 2018.

Small business

The survey also found a divide between large and small businesses. Small businesses tend to be less confident about looking for the right information that suits their particular situation, have lower levels of trust in retailers and are less likely to invest in new technology like solar PV and batteries, especially as many occupy rented premises.

Outcomes for consumers

AEMC Chairman John Pierce commented, “The conduct of retailers is making it difficult for all consumers to access the benefits of competition – even though more retailers are operating in the market, and more customers are switching plans and accessing new technology. Competition continues to increase, but retailer inertia and a lack of transparency have emerged as significant barriers preventing consumers gaining the maximum benefits in terms of prices and services.”

See the full survey report online

Our recommendation

We believe there’s a clear winner amongst electricity retailers: Powershop.

Powershop is an ethical energy retailer, who support renewable energy and have been very active in campaigning for government policy to support the uptake of renewable energy.

Powershop offers:

  • 100% carbon offset electricity
  • Competitive rates on GreenPower
  • A favourable feed-in tariff for their solar customers
  • Discounts on pre-purchased energy packages
  • No lock in contracts
  • An app to help you track your electricity usage
  • Recently dropped their energy prices in Victoria – their investments in hydro, solar and wind energy generation have enabled them to buy electricity at a cheaper rate and have passed these savings to their customers

In 2015 Powershop was ranked Australia’s Greenest Electricity Company by Greenpeace.

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