AEF’s Head of Development Kate Nicolazzo was a speaker at Cities Power Partnership’s Summit in October. The theme was “Accelerating Local Action” and Kate spoke about the range of projects MEFL is undertaking in partnership with local councils, business, and communities.

Speakers from councils, state government agencies, non-profits and academia discussed and celebrated the good work local councils are doing to fight climate change.

The message was clear: local governments are working together to make real changes to slash Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, in the face of Federal inaction. Partnerships with community and industry help councils bring the benefits of clean, cheap reliable energy to local residents and businesses.

It also became clear during the Summit that climate change doesn’t have to be a partisan political issue; local government leaders from across the political spectrum are joining forces to reduce emissions and ramp up clean energy. The summit was a great success and it was uplifting to see the positive work being done on the ground by councils. AEF is a key partner in helping local councils to continue to build on that success and work toward an equitable zero carbon society.

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