Over the past year AEF’s Zero Carbon Evolution and Positive Charge teams have been working with CERES to upgrade their EcoHouse to become an all-electric, zero emissions home. Previously the house used gas for cooking and hot water heating. As gas is a fossil fuel this needed to be replaced if CERES are to meet their goal of zero emissions by 2025.


The CERES EcoHouse was transported to CERES in 1982 and was retrofitted to demonstrate energy efficient design and early solar technology. In its time at CERES it has undergone a series of renovations and alterations to continually reduce its environmental footprint.

The upgrade

AEF provided financial support towards the upgrade as well as utilising our extensive delivery knowledge to ensure that the measures installed would help reduce carbon emissions and energy bills, whilst being easily replicable by households across Australia.

The EcoHouse utilizes solar power from the 3.71kW solar array and 6kWkh battery to power the home with renewable energy (and charge the new electric vehicle). However households without solar can still become an ‘all-electric zero emissions home’ by purchasing GreenPower.

Heat pumps

A key part of the upgrade was installation of a range of heat pumps for heating and cooling. These included a hot water heat pump and two heat pump ac units (also known as reverse cycle air conditioners). These heat pumps utilise the temperature in the air to provide low energy (and low cost) heating by moving heat from one place to another instead of burning fuel to produce heat. This means they are on average four times more efficient than conventional heaters. As Victorian homes use 32 times more energy for heating than cooling it is critical that our homes have the most efficient heating systems available.


The Zero Emissions EcoHouse was officially launched on 9th October by The Honorable Minister D’Ambrosio. If you want to read Tim Forcey’s excellent speech from the launch on the importance of getting off gas it is available on our website.

If you want support in your journey to becoming a zero emissions home then visit the Positive Charge website for a range of products including draught proofing and insulation, solar, hot water heat pumps and reverse cycle air-conditioning.


If you want to visit the Ceres Ecohouse and see the changes yourself, it’s open the first and third Saturday of every month, 9.30am-2.30pm.

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