Which solar panels are best in Australia?

Which solar panels are best in Australia?

Using solar panels to cut your electricity bills by 30-60% is tempting — until your research shows not dozens, but hundreds of solar panel brands to choose from. 

That’s when the questions multiply: 

  • Which brands are trustworthy? 
  • Which are most cost-efficient? 
  • Which work best in your climate?
  • Which are warrantied in Australia? 

Fortunately, finding these answers is straightforward once you know what to look for. So to simplify your search, we’ve created this 4-point guide complete with 7 Australia-friendly solar brands.

In this guide we cover:

1. How should I choose a solar panel brand?

2. What are the best solar panels brands available?

3. How can I find which solar panels I need?

How should I choose a solar panel brand? 


Look for solar panels with:

1. Approval from the Clean Energy Council 

Ensure the safety of your solar panels by only purchasing modules approved by the Clean Energy Council, the foremost clean energy accrediting body in Australia.

2. 270-330W Output

Most cost-efficient solar panels produce about 270W under direct sunlight, although premium monocrystalline panels can produce 300-330W. Panels with a higher output are a good option if your roof space is limited.

3. Multiple Australian Installations

The more a solar panel brand’s products have been installed here, the more they’ve been tested — and proven reliable — in our unique weather conditions. 

4. Manufacturing Company with Office(s) in Australia

If your installer ever goes out of business, you’ll depend on your manufacturer’s Australian office to provide you with warranty support.

What are the best solar panel brands available?


Seven reliable & cost-effective brands include, in alphabetical order: 

  • JA Solar
  • Jinko
  • LG
  • Q Cells
  • Solahart
  • SunPower
  • Trina

Each of these brands fulfills our 4 conditions: cost-effective panels, proven long-term performance in Australian conditions, approval by the Clean Energy Council, and guaranteed warranty support by Australian offices. 

How Can I Find Out Which Solar Panels I Need?


To find the exact solar panel system that will best suit your property and your household’s needs, you’ll need a quote from a highly recommended local installer.

Since choosing a trustworthy installer is pivotal to your solar project’s success, we’re happy to connect you to a fully vetted solar supplier in your area, at no charge, who will offer you a free no-pressure solar quote

We’ll also support you through the whole process of going solar, from helping you understand your quote to guiding you through the installation process.


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