What are the benefits of a pool pump controller?

There are many benefits of pool pump controllers.

Reduce pool energy costs

Running your pool pump at a lower speed, significantly reduces the energy usage of your pool pump. A recent study of pool pump controllers was done by UNSW and Randwick City Council which showed the average energy consumption reduction from using the pool pump controller was 71%. This led to an average saving of $486 in the annual electricity bill, and a reduction in carbon pollution of 1670 kg of CO2e every year for each household. 

Make your filter more effective

Because more dirt and smaller debris is able to be captured by the filter, your pool filter becomes more effective when water passes through it slowly.


A pool pump running at slower speeds, means the pool pump is much quieter. The same UNSW study found that pool pump was 86% quieter, after installing the controller.

There’s no need to replace your existing pump

A pool pump controller means there’s no need to wait till your existing pump breaks or wears out, or to throw your existing working pump away.