Gas is no longer the best option?

You might be surprised to learn that gas is no longer the cheapest option for heating your home.

Changes in the gas market mean that the majority of our gas resources are now exported overseas, making it much more expensive for us to buy for use in residential homes. The below graph shows the savings available if you switch from gas heating to a split system air conditioner.


Graph showing savings for switching from gas to a split system air conditioner

Gas also used to be seen as a cleaner source of energy (compared to burning coal). But, with diminishing gas supplies it is now increasingly extracted from coal seams and shale layers.

Hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ is a method used to extract hard to access fossil fuels. This gas extraction method can have significant environmental and agricultural impacts.

Using electrically powered heating options, such as reverse cycle air conditioning, means you can heat your home with renewable power. Whatever source your renewable power comes from, it’s a better choice for the environment.