Moreland City Council

Coffee Time

In this pilot program, AEF worked with Moreland City Council and café owners to make a simple but effective change to the way coffee machines are used. Café owners often leave their coffee machines switched on overnight because the machines take a long time to warm up. Having staff arrive an hour early just to warm up the coffee machine is not cost-effective. The solution was to put the machines on timers so they can be switched on automatically at the right time. Because coffee machines use a lot of power, a simple plug-in timer is not sufficient; we had timers installed in the cafés’ switchboards by an electrician. The trial proved highly successful. The timer installations caused minimal interruption to the cafés’ operations and once set up, the savings were significant; café owners can expect to recoup the cost of the timer within a year. The idea has since

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Cooling Communities

In partnership with Moreland City Council, AEF retrofitted ten social housing properties in Moreland to improve understanding of the actions required to mitigate impacts of the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE). The project was funded through DELWP’s Victorian Climate Change Grants 2015. Health issues Global warming is leading to longer, hotter and more frequent heatwaves across Victoria. These conditions are compounded in dense built up areas through the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE), which is recognised as a key issue for Moreland. This extreme heat can cause and exacerbate a range of serious health issues. Social housing residents are particularly at risk from heat stress as they are more likely to live in poorly designed or maintained properties and have chronic health conditions. They also may spend more time in their properties than residents renting privately or owner occupiers. Upgrades Upgrade works included improvements to building fabric (insulation, draught proofing

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