GreenPower is the only voluntary government accredited program that enables your electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on your household’s or business’ behalf.

A joint initiative of the ACT, NSW, SA, VIC and TAS governments, GreenPower guarantees that the renewable electricity you buy from energy suppliers meets stringent environmental standards.

We independently audit the renewable energy sector to ensure that when you buy GreenPower, the energy you are buying is helping to develop new infrastructure in the renewable energy sector. This means that all the renewable energy purchased for GreenPower must come from generators built since 1997.

This is important because some significant renewable energy generation such as the Snowy Mountains Hydro Power station was built prior to 1997 and already provides Australia with about 5  – 6 percent of its renewable energy.

Why buy GreenPower?

Currently the vast majority of the electricity used in Australia is generated from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal. This makes the electricity sector the biggest single contributor to Australia’s greenhouse emissions.

By purchasing (government accredited)  GreenPower you can be sure you are displacing your household’s or business’ electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Doing your bit for the environment.

You are also helping to support Australia’s renewable energy sector.  Since 2009, GreenPower customers have been responsible for investing more than $500 million back into Australia’s renewable energy industry and creating a significant number of jobs!

How much does it cost?

GreenPower costs more than standard electricity because it is part of building completely new infrastructure for the grid. But, as with any new technology, development and improvement will see the costs reduce as the infrastructure and demand for it grows.

An estimate of the cost of GreenPower is around 5-8 cents per KWh more than your current electricity rate, if you elect to purchase 100 per cent GreenPower. But every little bit counts towards an investment for future generations. A smaller contribution of 10-25 per cent GreenPower will cost as little as 80 cents to $1 a week, equating to less than the cost of two cups of coffee over a month.

The money that goes to the electricity generators and providers of GreenPower feeds back into the renewable energy sector, helping to build and improve the technology. So like any new technology, the costs might be a little more now, but building a future grid that is supplied by renewable energy will generate savings down the track – both financial and environmental.

For households and small businesses looking to shop around to find the most suitable GreenPower option, the Australian Energy Regulator has created a new energy price comparison website www.energymadeeasy.gov.au to assist in comparing electricity offers (including the GreenPower component) between different providers.